Audio-Video Door Phones

Audio-Video Door Phones are one of the most required security tools, mainly used in homes, apartments, and businesses. Video door phones help you to communicate visitors with the reduced efforts and high security. These equipments are reliable and effective in reducing the crime to a great extent. It can be considered as a stand alone security system used for managing calls made at the entrance of a building. The main function of video door phone is to identify the visitor and allow the access after having words with the visitor.

Audio-Video Door Phones consist mainly an indoor monitor and an outdoor electronic lock release. Outdoor panels are installed beside the door and include various push buttons usually one for each home or apartment, a camera to click the image of the visitor, a microphone to pick the voice of the visitor and a speaker to respond. This is how the whole video door phone system works. The mode of the communication system is full duplex.

Benefits of Audio-Video Door Phones

  • With the help of video door phones, you can see the front door from any place and the ease can enhance the security of your family.
  • The installation and use of video door phones are really convenient.
  • Video door phones help in seeing and hearing activities at the front door deploying wireless monitor.
  • The video door phone allows the person to interact with the person in the doorway and with the help of a two-way communication channel and deploying a microphone to pick the voice of the visitor and a speaker to respond.
  • This device best serves handicapped and old people for monitoring people at the door and open the door without making the physical movement.
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