Our team from CCTV Ghaziabad has brought at your disposal, the most affordable CCTV cameras with the most experienced technicians who will guide you in the best way possible in the process of Installation. Are you worried about your house or office or school? Do you want to assure the safety of your family members or colleagues in your absence? We have the most capable experts and engineers having an experience of almost a decade in the surveillance industry. They will not only install the CCTV camera effectively but will also guide you through the process of its operation. Bring home our trusted CCTV cameras and experience safety of your loved ones at utmost level!

We provide you here with a detail logarithm of the installation process which our technicians and engineers provide you during the installation service and we assure you that the service offered to you would be a friendly one!

In case of any further help, call us at our help centre (+91-9810467741) which is open 24*7.

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Assessment of the site

Our team of professionals along with the technicians will visit your house and map a diagram of the installation places according to your surveillance needs. This step assures to provide you with the best advice and places which our professionals can give you during the mapping of the diagram. Moreover, they will focus to provide you the best angle and height so that it is not easy to break down the camera by any unwanted intruder.

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Cable Routing

After the map is ready, our team of skilled technicians will mount the camera at the required place with all the wiring process being carried out side by side. Meanwhile, all the monitors, DVRs, cameras and cables will be connected beforehand and checked for any technical issue. (In case you have more than one camera to be installed, our team will devise the most effective way of security system wiring which is both comfortable with respect to your choice and safety.) All the cables, through which all the components are connected, are grounded in order to provide an effective look to the system and provide an authentic style to the CCTV camera.

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Testing and Troubleshoot Issues

When all the components are fixed at their desired position, it is the time to set the manual settings and check for the troubleshoot issues. This is maintained again by our group of professionals. In this step, they will guide you to toggle between the different types of screens i.e. one when the monitor displays all the cameras simultaneously and the other when it shows one camera at a time. Moreover, they will also check for the problems related to display quality of monitors if it exists.

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Demonstration of Operation

When the CCTV camera is ready to use, our specialists will guide you through every function of the camera and its remote control. Apart from this, they will show you the different ways of customizing the camera according to your own personal needs. If the user has any doubt or query regarding the operation of the system, then it is the humble duty of our team to clarify it then and there without any second thought. Therefore, we claim to provide you the best and most friendly installation service at most affordable price rates!

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Consoling the Customer

With the completion of all the above steps, our team provides you with the warranty card and assures that the customer is contented with our service. Our team also condole the customer that in case of any problem or technical issue, our customer helpline will always be there to assist them and help them in the best way possible, after all ‘Customer’s satisfaction is our triumphant’.

For further help, call us at our help centre (+91-9810467741) which is open 24*7.