Recording Management Systems

A digital video recorder captures video in a digital format to a local or network mass storage devices like disk-drive, SD memory card, or a USB flash drive. With the help of a DVR, you can record and store the footages of a CCTV camera and view it whenever you want. There is a wide array of DVR solutions available as per the diverse requirements of the clients. DVRs are handy and efficient tools, that can enhance the security of your home and workplace perimeters in the most efficient manner.

SurveillanceKart offers super durable DVR systems in the most genuine rates to its valuable clients. We have left no stone untouched when it comes to prompt and hassle-free installation of Digital Video Recorders. We also have genuinely priced annual maintenance charges, so that you can get the best out of the amount you have paid for your security.

Benefits of Recording Management Systems

  • DVR players have gained immense popularity as a way to record and store surveillance video. With the help of a DVR player, you don’t have to handle heavy video tapes. In addition, the quality of the digital images of a DVR is much better than that of video tapes.
  • Homes and businesses prefer DVR players for security surveillance recording and monitoring to enhance the security of their perimeters from theft and undesired intrusions. They are really easy to install and operate and you don’t have to change video tapes all the time to see the video.
  • You can also share and display a digital media on your DVR system with the your home network, TV and computers. The most common way is to connect DVR with the help of a USB cable.
  • You can remotely schedule your DVR player to record your favorite TV programs.
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