Are you fed up of calling the customer helpline services of different companies? Do you want a reliable company worthy of your trust and time? Are you in search of a company which should be ready for you help day-and-night? If the answer of any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then you are at the right place. CCTV Ghaziabad has emerged as one of the top notch companies in the trade of CCTV cameras and the other accessories. But unlike other companies, we have never underestimated the time and trust of our customers. We believe in healthy customer-company relationship policy which urges us to provide our customers with any desired help. The same concept goes for the maintenance of the installed CCTV cameras. We keep the record of our every customer and remind them of their maintenance service regularly.

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Our Maintenance service is considered best around the city due to certain factors as stated below:

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Availability of 24*7 services!

Our service and maintenance system has no time limits! You can call us freely at any time and within 24 hours; our technicians will be there for your help. This is surely the most important feature to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Moreover, these technicians propose the best maintenance package to you according to your surveillance needs, budget, time, space and other factors. Unlike other companies which tend to sell off their most expensive packages, we tend to choose the best for you!

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Trustworthy Support Service

You can trust us in case of choice of the best security system for your requirements. We will never disappoint you! Another thing we would like to claim is that you can trust us in case of scheduled servicing appointments; which means we really value your time than anything else. If you want our technicians to be at your place around 9.00am, we will do our best to make them reach at 9.00am itself. ‘Trust us once and we’ll never lose it forever’-That’s our claim.

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Faster Support Service

We promise never to make you wait more than 24 hours after your call. Apart from this, for any technical problems, our helpline number is available to you anytime and anywhere. Our services through phones are not only reliable but also fast. Our team of experts does their best to help you out through the phone and if in the worst case, they are not able to, then our team of technicians is immediately appointed to make a visit to your home.

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Smart and Diligent Working!

Our CCTV cameras are designed in a way that they can be operated even with your smart phones when you’re not at home. Wondering how? On contacting our customer service, they will make you aware of an app especially designed for the above mentioned purpose. This app controls your CCTV cameras without your remote control after making some manual and technical settings. After this, no worry of theft or robbery, just check out the condition of your place even when you are away.

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Illustration of Remote Control Learning

No need to worry if you are new at these smart and technical devices. Our team will demonstrate the use of remote and various settings to you according to your comfort level. We also assure you that the demonstration by our team will also be friendly and easy to understand for the beginners.

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Availability of most efficient group of Technicians

The top notch security experts from the most renowned companies are hired by us to provide the best services to you at the most affordable rates! These experts are instructed to setup the whole system for you once you place an order from our company. Indeed, they are especially trained to guide the users through the whole operation process of the camera in the most comprehensive manner.